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About Me Aakash Jain.

Hi! My name is Aakash and I'm a Software developer with a passion for Web technologies, AI and Cybersecurity. I'm currently an undergraduate student studying Computer science at the North Maharashtra University with a minor in management. A productivity freak, I believe in the habit of continuous self-improvement.

When not coding you can usually find me reading, binging media content or headbanging over loud alt-rock.

Bachelor of Computer Applications. JET's Z. B. Patil College, Dhule - in affiliation with KBC North Maharashtra University.
07/2019 - Present 9.86 CGPA

Python 3.x

  • Frameworks- Flask, django, Tkinter, PyTorch.
  • Libraries- Pandas, numpy, Matplotlib, BeautifulSoup, Sqlite3, Passlib, math, requests, re (Regex).
  • Other- Pip, Python IDLE, Jupyter notebooks.


  • Frameworks- Node.js, React.js, jQuery.
  • Libraries- Puppeteer.
  • Other- JSON, npm, TypeScript (Limited).


  • Basics- HTML5, CSS3, JS.
  • CSS Preprocessors- SASS, LESS.
  • CSS Frameworks- Bootstrap, Tailwind.
  • JS Frameworks- React.js, jQuery.
  • Other- Emmet, REST APIs, XML, JSON, SEO, Netlify, Github Pages.


  • C, C++, C#, Java.
  • Although well-versed in C-Family syntax, I use them sparingly these days except C++ for competitive programming.


  • Relational - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sqlite3, MariaDB (Limited).
  • Non-Relational - MongoDB.

Platforms & DevOps.

  • Platforms- Docker, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Kali, Debian, Arch, ElementaryOS, Windows Xp-10.
  • DevOps - Git, Docker, GitHub.
  • Shells - Bash, Fish, Zsh, Powershell, cmd.


  • Programming Languages- TypeScript, Golang (Limited).
  • Frameworks- .NET Core, .NET Framework.
  • Other- Figma, Adobe Photoshop, MS-Office.
Projects These are some of the things that I have made, they'll probably cringe me out in a few years time.
My Portfolio
My portfolio made with plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a little bit of jQuery. Hosted on Netlify and Github Pages.
HTML CSS JS jQuery Netlify
Voice interface app that 'tells' COVID-19 statistics in real time using data extracted from worldometers website using Python library BeautifulSoup.
Python BeautifulSoup
RESTful Random Number Generator
Minimalist REST API that generates and returns jsonified random numbers. It can also be parameterized for range and count.
Python Flask JSON
Algorithms & Data Structures Repositories
Implementations of low-to-mid level complex algorithms and basic data structures in different programming languages.
Python Pytest Java JavaScript
More on the way
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification. Credential
HackerRank's Python Certification. Credential
HackerRank's JavaScript Certification. Credential
HackerRank's Problem Solving Certification. Credential
HackerRank's Java Certification. Credential
Harvard University
Harvard's CS50x-2020. Credential
Hiring? My Resume

Although currently not looking for any full time opportunities, I'm available for freelancing and collaborations granted that you have a solid idea. Reach me out by using any of the means given below.